Friday, September 14, 2012

How Are You Feeling? Themes: Emotions, Feelings, Vegetables, Foods, Faces, Contentment, Joy, Peace

How Are You Feeling?
A Preschool Story Time Lesson on Emotions:
~Helping Children Understand Their Emotions

Introduction: Before the story hour begins, have some visual aids prepared. Using wood or PVA glue, draw facial expressions onto regular copier paper. Make 5 different expressions: sad, happy, angry, surprised (or scared,) and bored. Make very simple drawings with the glue. A circle for the face, lines for eyes, nose, and mouth, and eyebrows to indicate mood will suffice. Allow the glue to dry, creating a raised surface. Before your audience arrives, place each of the five facial expressions on a whiteboard or easel. Cover each with a plain white sheet of paper, so the expressions are concealed. When it's time to begin, take colored chalk or oil pastels and begin rubbing it over the first of the raised facial expressions. Use different colors for different moods. Consider blue for sad, yellow or orange for happy, red for angry, gray for bored, and perhaps bright florescent pink for startled or surprised. See if the children can guess each emotion before you begin the rubbing by looking at the color you have chosen. Talk with the children about each emotion as it is being revealed.

Story: Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, by Judith Viorst. Share a personal story of a bad day you've gone through.

Feelings Fingerplay: (original author unknown)
"Sometimes I'm as angry as a buzzing bee. (Buzzzz!)
But all the time, all the time, Jesus loves me! (Hug self.)
Sometimes I'm silly as a monkey in a tree. (Act like a silly monkey.)
But all the time, all the time, Jesus loves me!
Sometimes I won't eat even one green pea. (Act defiant.)
But all the time, all the time, Jesus loves me!
Sometimes I trip and fall and scrape my knee. (Rub knee and look defeated.)
But all the time, all the time, Jesus loves me!
Sometimes I scream louder than the TV. (Cup hands around mouth in a silent yell.)
But all the time, all the time, Jesus loves me!
Sometimes I'm sad, as sad as can be. (Boo-Hoo!)
But all the time, all the time, Jesus loves me!
Sometimes I run and feel happy and free! (Run in a small circle.)
But all the time, all the time, Jesus loves me!"

Bible Verse Bracelets:
(Print out, on a brightly-colored sheet of paper, today's verse repeated down the page. Cut between each verse so that you have 10-15 strips, each with the verse printed on it. Ask the children to form a line, and using tape to stick the ends together, wrap a "Bible Verse Bracelet" round each little wrist. Some children do not want to wear it; in that case, hand it to them and tell them to use the verse as a bookmark. The children love these, and come to expect them at each session! The verses also find their way home to parents and siblings, and help to spread the news about that day's storytime.)

Psalm 28:7
"The LORD is my strength and my shield;
my heart trusts in him, and I am helped.
My heart leaps for joy
and I will give thanks to him in song." (NIV)
Explain that even though we sometimes experience frustration, anger, or sadness, the joy in our hearts doesn't go away. We can be full of joy and thankfulness even when we're in a bad mood, because of our faith in God and our trust in His strength.

Song: "Thank You, Lord" from "Kids Collection Sing Along Praise Songs: 14 Sing-Along Songs of Praise" by Brentwood Music, Inc.

Story: How Are You Peeling?: Foods With Moods, by Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers.  (This is a fantastic book about feelings featuring adorable photos of vegetables mimicking human emotions. Sounds crazy, but really funny.)

Song: "Happy All the Time" from Cedarmont Kids Classics Action Bible Songs recording.

Art Activity: Make Veggie Faces. Give each child a nice red tomato shape cut out of card stock. Give each a little green stem and leaves cut from card stock. Help them put their leaves on their tomatoes, then give each two google eyes, a small black button for a nose, a pipe cleaner for a mouth, and a black marker or crayon for eyebrows and any other features the children might like to add. Help them create their own veggie face in whatever expression they feel like!